Take A Bite Out Of Pollution With An Edible Water Ball

Need an eco-friendly drink on the go? Consider taking a bite rather than a sip of water.

" Ooho," an edible water bottle - er, water orb - is the latest invention from Rodrigo García González, who also invented a suitcase that follows its owner around like a well-trained dog.

Ooho is made of seaweed, so it's not only more natural than petroleum-based plastic but also also edible. Which could help consumers reduce their their carbon footprint one drink at a time.

According to York University's bottled-water factsheet, residents of Toronto, Ontario, Canada consume 100 million plastic bottles per year. But that's nothing compared to the U.S., where Americans led the world in bottled-water consumption in 2012 by guzzling a staggering 9.67-billion gallons of bottled water. That's an unfathomable amount of waste piling up as the average plastic bottle of water takes centuries to compost.

But with Ooho, nothing's left behind when you quench your thirst. Even if you don't want to chase your gulp with the container, you can drink guilt-free: the orb is biodegradable.

Here's a video demonstration:

Ooho is still being tested before it's marketed to consumers. If you're interested in becoming a freshwater guinea pig, you can sign up here to participate in the product's Beta testing. You can also follow Ooho on Twitter.

h/t The Guardian


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