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Taco Bell Introduced a Burrito with Pop Rocks

Taco Bell is known for experimenting with different types of food in their products. Whether it's cool ranch Doritos or Cinnabons, they're known to pair weird food items with traditional Mexican fare to create...let's say..."interesting" dishes. But their latest creation may be too much for even the most ardent Taco Bell fan.

A Reddit user first posted a photo on the Taco Bell subreddit showing the new creation which was a burrito with Pop Rocks. Yes, you read that right. Pop Rocks, the candy that pops in your mouth, on top of a burrito. You're probably thinking that sounds incredibly disgusting and there's no way it's real. But then the website "FoodBeast" reached out to Taco Bell and they confirmed that the Mexican fast food chain are testing out the Pop Rock burrito at four locations in California. They're calling it the "Firecracker Burrito," and they're technically not "Pop Rocks" but rather "Cayenne Popping Crystals," which we all know is just a fancy term for spicy Pop Rocks.

Can you imagine a worse thing to put on a burrito? I'd rather put salsa made from the hottest peppers in the world on my taco than Pop Rocks. But I'm more of a Chipotle man. Maybe Taco Bell loyalists will embrace this new product like the gordita or Doritos Locos tacos.


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