Sly Stallone Wants to Work for Trump. Just Not The Job He's Been Offered

Sylvester Stallone wants a position in the Trump Administration for Christmas. But Sly is going to be picky about what sort of role he would play in the federal government. Last week, rumors circulated that President-elect Trump wanted the Golden Globe winning actor to be part of the National Endowment for the Arts administration - perhaps as the chairman of the federal funding agency.

"I am incredibly flattered to have been suggested to be involved with the National Endowment of the Arts," the 70-year-old actor-filmmaker said in a statement released yesterday. But he went on to basically say thanks, but no thanks to the unofficial offer. 

Instead, the star of military movies like the Rambo and Expendables franchises wants to do something that involves "helping returning military personnel find employment, suitable housing and financial assistance."

Frankly, we're a bit surprised that he doesn't want to be the ambassador to Russia since he kinda, sorta kinda played one in Rocky IV.

The Trump transition team hasn't responded to Stallone's statement yet. But tabbing him could help them solve another problem: booking a performer for the Inauguration Day festivities on January 20th. Rumor has it that Trump's team can't find any celebrities willing to serenade the 45th president during the event. But with Stallone onboard, we bet that The Donald could book 80s pop sensation Frank Stallone.

Maybe Sly's brother could dust off the Rambo power ballad "Peace in Our Life." Ah, 'Murica.

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