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SXSW Will Feature Much More Marijuana Content Next Year

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music festival in Austin, Texas that's grown to include movies, tech and much, much more. And next year, there will also be a lot of cannabis...panels.

Voting is currently underway for SXSW goers to choose what panels they would like to see at next year's festival. This year SXSW started SXSW Cannabusiness, a series of panels revolving around the cannabis industry. And while this year's SXSW featured only a few panels related to marijuana, there are currently 62 proposals for cannabis-themed panels for 2019, which indicates it will get more time devoted to it next year.

The proposals revolve around all sorts of topics related to the industry, including how to increase women and minority representation in cannabis businesses, how Congress has stifled marijuana research, the costs of the War on Drugs, cannabis cafes and several panels that are Texas-themed.

Last year there were two panels on technology in the cannabis industry, one about the future of marijuana, a health-related panel and one about cannabis in pro sports.

While 62 is a considerable number of proposals, it isn't quite as big as other categories like Intelligent Future with 374 proposals and Tech Industry and Expertise with 251. Although it does have more than Coding and Development, Touring & Live Experience and eSports. 

Public voting on the proposed panels only makes up 30 percent of the decision on what panels to host. The SXSW staff and advisory board still dominates the decision on what panels will end up appearing in 2019.

Unfortunately, marijuana is still illegal in Texas, so there will be absolutely no cannabis at SXSW, just like every other music festival.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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