Switching To A Mediterranean Diet Could Save The Planet

We can't all afford to fight climate change by installing solar panels on our homes or switching to electric cars. But we can help the environment out every day by tweaking what we eat.

Research suggests that switching to a Mediterranean diet could save the environment by severely cutting back on harmful gas emissions caused by the meat industry. Livestock contributes to around 14 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, which is the same amount produced by cars around the globe. But we could scale back livestock production and improve the health of mother earth by going Mediterranean.

That means cutting your meat intake back to having fish or chicken a few times a week and beef once a month. Those changes would be enough to take a big bite out of climate change.

"If we all just switched to a Mediterranean diet, it could actually solve 15 percent of global-warming pollution by 2050," said environmental researcher M. Sanjayan in a recent video for Vox. For more info on how your diet impacts the planet, check out the rest of the Vox feature.


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