Swiss Supermarkets Will Soon Begin Selling Cannabis, But There's A Catch

The Swiss supermarket chain LIDL will soon begin selling cannabis, but there's a catch. All of the products - which include smokable buds - have to contain less than 1 percent THC to comply with Switzerland's cannabis laws. 

Given those restrictions, the cannabis being sold at LIDL locations will be high in CBD, and will produce more of a relaxed feeling than the sense of euphoria that comes from consuming strains with large percentages of THC.

“The legally cultivable varieties contain only very small amounts of THC and a high proportion of CBD,” a LIDL spokesperson told the Irish website Buzz.

The low-THC products are similar to the 'cannabis light' phenomenon in Italy, where anything containing a small percent of THC is considered a legal hemp product rather than an illicit marijuana product. 

And if you're bummed about the low-THC restriction, keep in mind that the myth that more THC is always better has already been busted by scientists.


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