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Swiss Football Fans Really Hate Esports, For Some Reason

A Swiss football game was put on hold last weekend when fans began tossing tennis balls and console controllers onto the field in protest of some football clubs choosing to fund esports teams.

Esports, as you probably are aware, is the pastime of watching skilled video game players professionally compete. This concept is nothing new—chess tournaments, for example, have been a legitimized event for over a hundred years—but, popular as these may be, they don't draw the crowds or rake in the money that epsorts have over the past few years.

The rising popularity of esports have led many industry leaders in mainstream sports to take a proprietary interest, and traditional sports fans aren't having it.

During the pre-planned protest at a Young Boys game on Sunday, fans also unfurled a massive flag with a pause button on it.  The message was clear. Why, the fans asked, were their football clubs investing the rapidly growing industry of esports, when they could continue to be sinking more money into the steadily declining sports industry?

Apparently, of all of the things worth protesting about in Europe right now, sports fans decided that they simply could not put up with people watching other people play video games. Because sitting around watching young people virtually competing is dumb and childish, unlike the mature and dignified hobby of watching adults kick a ball around a field.

Watch a clip of the protest below:


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