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Sushi Is The Key To Scoring A Second Date, But You May Be Eating It Wrong

Sushi, Japan's most popular culinary export, may be the secret to getting a second date.

A recent survey by online dating site Match, called Singles in America, was conducted by anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and Kinsey Institute evolutionary biologist Dr. Justin R. Garcia. The pair looked at a variety of areas pertaining to single life, from sex to dating to how politics influences your love life.

And, get this, a first date that involves a meal of delicious, beautiful sushi can mean a 170 percent higher chance of scoring a second date. That's a stat worth paying attention to, people.

Why would sushi be better than a steak, a burger or a wine tasting tour?

"It's adventurous," Fisher told Esquire. "Any kind of novelty drives up the dopamine system in the brain."

But she argues that biology plays a part too. All that raw fish is rich in omega-3, which can boost circulation and alertness. Seaweed is rich in iodine, which (who knew?) can raise testosterone. And if you've ever had a good dose of wasabi, that hot and spicy condiment makes your heart quicken. And those ALL translate into arousal. Which translates into a second date.

In states where cannabis is legal, chefs are already pairing marijuana and maki. Perhaps the best place for a second date?

But if you're going to try the sushi trick, make sure to watch this Munchies video first. Because it turns out many of us have been eating it wrong for a while.

h/t Esquire


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