This 'Rolling' Party Makes Wine-And-Cheese Obsolete

In states where cannabis is legal, connoisseurs are finding creative ways to enhance their experience.

Green Labs, a shared space for cannabis startups in Denver, offers combined sushi- and joint-rolling classes, where people can pay $65 to socialize, sip sake, and study two not-dissimilar skills.

Over the course of an evening, a private chef and local dispensary staffer guide the class through popular rolls. Food, drinks, and rolling-papers are included in the price tag, so all attendees need to bring is their favorite strain and an appetite.

It makes wine-and-cheese retro. Date night in Denver, anyone?


There are two things in my life I love most: cannabis and my fellow queers. Yet, the two hardly seem to intersect whenever I read articles about weed. Instead, I read mostly about CBD or legalization.

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