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5 Unexpected Fans Of Legalization

Whether it's Dick Cheney supporting gay rights or maybe Terry Crews' strong feelings about feminism, every movement has its surprising participants, and the movement to legalize cannabis is no different. Here are a few legalization fans we've found in our travels whose position on cannabis and the law you may find flabbergasting.

1. Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman

As a Hawaii bail bondsmen and star of a reality show where he and his family hunt for, and apprehend low-level fugitives, Duane Chapman is a law and order, no-nonsense kind of guy. And while his fashion choices are not-so-much from another era as from another planet, his stance on cannabis, as explained to Huffington Post, is positively progressive and reasonable.

"I absolutely think it should become legal," says Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman

2. Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter comes from an era where politicians are notorious for their tough takes on drugs. After all, Carter's own short time in the White House came between the Nixon era and Ronald and Nancy Reagan, with their 'Just Say No!' campaign. But in later years, he's talked quite freely about being open to legalization.

"I'm in favor of it. I think it's okay," says Former President Jimmy Carter

3. Susan Sarandon

Academy Award winner and 5-time Emmy Award nominee Susan Sarandon has been noted for humanitarian work, particularly action against hunger, for which she won an award in 1999. She's been less vocal about her support for marijuana legalization, but she did speak to Huffington Post Live about it.

"I would like to see everybody be able to smoke pot. That's a waste of our money to incarcerate all those people," says Susan Sarandon

4. Larry King

Perhaps not so much a big fan as just being resigned to the fact legalization will happen because, as he likes to joke, "cause every law student I know smokes it," Larry King also acknowledges the medical value of cannabis.

"I know it helps ill people," says Larry King

5. Pat Robertson

Even a broken clock is right twice per day.

"We've gotta take a look at what we're considering crimes," says Pat Robertson

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