'Investigate Serious Crimes,' Says Susan Sarandon In Phone Plea For Legalization

The stars are aligning for marijuana in the Grand Canyon State. This month, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and Oscar-winning actor Susan Sarandon appeared in ad campaigns encouraging Arizonans to support Proposition 205 - a 2016 ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use in the state.

Since retiring from the NFL, McMahon has spoken out about the medical benefits of cannabis. During his playing days, McMahon found that medical marijuana was more effective and less harmful way to tackle sports injuries than the opioid painkillers that he was prescribed. Now the two-time Superbowl champion wants to share the benefits of cannabis with his neighbors.

"Once I retired, I got rid of those [painkillers]. I've moved out here to Arizona, got my medical card and have been using marijuana ever since," he says in the TV ad. "Someone like me can afford to be a medical marijuana patient. But others aren't so lucky. Marijuana should be available to all adults who need it."

Susan Sarandon isn't from Arizona, though the climax of her 1991 road movie Thelma & Louise took place there. And Sarandon doesn't want to see Prop 205 go off a cliff, so she has recorded a phone message that speaks specifically to moderate voters and non-marijuana consumers.

“Whether someone uses marijuana or not, we probably all prefer for law enforcement to spend their time preventing and investigating serious crimes rather than marijuana offenses," she says in the ad. "Also, regulating marijuana will take it out of the hands of criminals and instead generate jobs and tax revenues.”

The phone campaign is the latest in Sarandon's ongoing work as a cannabis enthusiast and activist

So if you hear the phone calling, be sure to pick up. It might be an Academy Award-winning actor on the other line. 

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It’s no secret that my husband and I are longtime cannabis and hemp advocates. We’ve cheered as the majority of Americans have come around to supporting legalization, and applauded as cannabis law reform spreads from state to state. Still, decades of prohibitionist propaganda have left many in the dark about the powerful wellness potential of these long-demonized plants.

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