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10 Surprising Places Where Smoking Marijuana Is Totally Fine

We like to think that America is a progressive nation with open and fair laws for everyone. But when it comes to marijuana, we still lag behind many nations. And we’re not just talking about The Netherlands and western Europe.

Here are 10 surprising countries where marijuana use is tolerated

10. Cambodia

Marijuana use is actually pretty widespread in Cambodia. In fact, there are even places called “Happy Restaurants’ where they cook food using cannabis. Sounds like a pretty sweet place to eat.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica actually has decriminalized marijuana and there’s no limit on how much a person can possess at one time either. Of course you should probably limit yourself to an amount that won’t make people think you’re a drug trafficker.

8. Croatia

While selling marijuana is still illegal in the country, possession of the drug only results in a small fine. They also film parts of Game of Thrones there, so that sounds like a pretty great vacation spot.

7. Estonia

Estonia also has pretty lax marijuana possession laws. As long as you possess less than 7.5 grams, you’re good to go. But anymore could land you in prison for five years, so measure carefully.

6. Nepal

Marijuana actually has a strong cultural connection in Nepal. For centuries they’ve used the drug in religious ceremonies, whether that’s by smoking it or by infusing it in their beverages.

5. Iceland

It’s maybe not entirely surprising that people in Iceland like marijuana, but it’s more surprising how much they like it. One UN report says Iceland is the country with the highest percentage of cannabis users in the entire world!

4. Russia

As much as we like to portray Russia as an evil, authoritarian regime, nationally they actually have more relaxed laws when it comes to marijuana than the United States. It’s legal to possess up to six grams of the drug. That said, it’s best to probably not push the envelope while you’re there.

3. Uruguay

With all the attention on U.S. states and Canada legalizing marijuana, you may not know that Uruguay has actually fully legalized recreational marijuana.

2. Pakistan

Technically, using marijuana is illegal in Pakistan. But it’s largely tolerated. In fact, growing cannabis is legal in the country and is an important export for many of nation’s farmers. But we still wouldn’t recommend visiting there any time soon.

1. North Korea

Now, we 100 percent do not recommend you travel to North Korea. That would not end well. But, they do have a relaxed position on marijuana. The North Korean government does not classify cannabis as a drug and it supposedly grows openly throughout the country. Some say you can even walk into grocery stores and buy it, and there’s no taboo against it either.

But again, do not visit North Korea.


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