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Support Your Local Cannabis Grower, Says AlpinStash Founder Danny Sloat

Support your local marijuana grower, says Danny Sloat - Founder and Master Grower of the licensed, Colorado-based grower AlpinStash. When we asked what he'd like to see change in the marijuana industry, Sloat told Civilized that he wants consumers to vote for quality over quantity with their wallets.

"A higher demand for craft products and a willingness to pay growers for what their product is actually worth," he said, adding that a lot of people think everyone in the marijuana industry is a millionaire, but that's far from the case. "The industry has become very corporate and the few big companies make a lot of the money," he says. "The newer, smaller folks are closer to starving artists than millionaires."

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But he thinks their fortunes will improve in the near future as demand rises for craft cannabis - the kind of small-batch, grown-with-love, hand-trimmed and glass-cured marijuana that AlpinStash produces.

"Much like beer, I think we will see the separation between craft cannabis and mid to low quality Big-Canna. The larger companies will continue to buy each other out, while the craft side of the market will increase in demand."

To sway cannabis consumers toward buying craft over Big-Canna, Sloat strives to provide the highest quality, cleanest, healthiest marijuana grown with care by Colorado natives at AlpinStash. That's the sort of cannabis that changed his life after a series of stomach ailments and a non-cancerous brain tumor made him dependent on opioid painkillers that left him unable to get out of bed. But after trying marijuana as a substitute, he weaned himself off the other prescription drugs and found a passion for growing marijuana that blossomed into AlpinStash.

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Now he hopes his example will help President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions come to their senses about marijuana.

"Look at the research and realize that cannabis is actually one of the safest substances around. Understand the many medical benefits the plant contains. It’s far from a gateway drug. In fact, it helps wean many people off over-prescribed and addictive pharmaceutical medications. Please listen to what the people have to say and not what the various lobby groups who oppose legalization say."

For Sloat, marijuana is a gateway to good health, great food and quality time with family. When asked what the perfect setting for a sesh was, he said, "At home, listening to Alt-J with a nice home-cooked meal and my loved ones."

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