'Super Troopers' Star Writes Powerful Op-Ed on Marijuana Legalization

While Super Troopers is one of the most beloved comedies among stoners, a new op-ed from one of the movie's stars will give marijuana aficionados an even greater respect for the film.

Jay Chandrasekhar, a co-writer and director of Super Troopers 1 and 2, recently wrote an op-ed about the importance of marijuana legalization. Chandrasekhar made several arguments over the course of his op-ed, but his main point was about the racial disparity in marijuana arrests. He noted that while many people of all races and ethnicities use cannabis, black and hispanic people are arrested for using the drug at a much higher rate than white people. 

Chandrasekhar also talked about alcohol, which he says "is fantastic," and noted that it's far worse for the body and more addictive than marijuana, and yet it's legal, a pretty common argument made by pro-legalization advocates.

The Super Troopers write also discussed how he and his collaborators often use marijuana while writing to help stimulate the creative process, to help illustrate how the drug is mostly used safely.

If you're a fan of Super Troopers or just a fan of marijuana legalization in general, you should definitely check out his op-ed.

(h/t MSNBC)


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