Teaser Trailer for 'Super Troopers 2’ Just Released

Super Troopers is a 2002 comedy that turned into a cult classic. Over the years it's become more and more popular, with fans demanding a sequel. In 2015 Broken Lizard, the comedy group behind the film, created a crowdfunding campaign for the sequel, which eventually hit it's goal. 

Now, the movie's finished production and set to release on April 20th (4.20) next year. to get people excited for the movie, Broken Lizard dropped a teaser trailer for the sequel. 

Most sequels fail to live up to the hype. But maybe just existing is all Super Troopers 2 needs to be considered a success.


Academy Award winning filmmaker Spike Jonze has been tapped by the upscale cannabis producer and retailer MedMen to direct a short film on cannabis history. There are few details available about Jonze's cannabis focused short film for the California-based dispensary chain. However, Jesse Williams of 'Grey's Anatomy' fame is slated to appear in the film and shooting has already begun in LA, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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