This Bud's For Your You: Two Strains For Super Bowl 50

The team at San Francisco's Bloom Room medical dispensary have caught football fever. In honor of Super Bowl 50, the dispensary is offering two new strains named after the AFC and NFC champions: Bronco Mile High for Denver Broncos fans, and Carolina Cam Crush for Carolina Panthers fans.

Both are sativa hybrids, so they're great at treating pain during the daytime, General Manager Stephen Rechif told Civilized in a recent phone interview. They still have some of the indica's relaxing properties, but they won't make you drowsy. So they won't make football fans fall asleep during the big game.

In terms of character, Rechif says Bronco Mile High is bright green and offers a light, citrusy sweetness. Carolina Cam Crush is also sweet, but it offers the sweet and spicy flavors of chocolate and cinnamon.

According to Rechif, the branding idea came about by chance. They had two new, unnamed strains, and the Super Bowl was coming up, so they decided to name the buds after whichever teams won their conference championship. That means customers may have been offered Patriot Pot and Green Bay Ganja if the playoffs had ended differently.

But Rechif is glad that things turned out as they did:

"Definitely with Denver," he told Civilized. "We were happy that it ended up being a Colorado-based team since they're leading the way with legal cannabis. I like Arizona, but Carolina is the better team. They've been doing a better job with a new style of offence, so I was going for Carolina for sure."

It's anyone's guess who will win Sunday's matchup. But Rechif has no doubt that his Denver strain will best its Carolina rival. He told us that Bronco Mile High tested at 29.8 percent THC. According to Rechif, "THC is making up a third of the weight of the flower." In contrast, Carolina Cam Kush has 17.3 percent THC, which is respectable, but not nearly as much yardage per puff.

Strains raise awareness of NFL and cannabis use

Ultimately, the Bloom Room hopes to use the strain names to raise awareness and amplify the conversation around cannabis use among athletes. Richef says,

"We're hoping that this will help bring more awareness to how cannabis can help NFL players medically. We know that there are NFL players who use cannabis, but none of them are willing to talk to us about their use. We've been very active in trying to reach out. Just trying to find the ones that we can contact."

But he says the branding is also in the spirit of having fun:

"There's no reason why medicine can't be fun as well. We'll definitely do it again. I'm sure our local fanbase will hope we do it for the Giants or the 49ers."

Right now, only medical marijuana patients residing in California can get the strains. But the Bloom Room is hoping to expand into the recreational market if the Golden State legalizes in 2016, which is strong possibility. So you might get a chance to buy a strain named after your favorite team - unless you support "the silver and black," of course.

When we asked if any teams were blacklisted, Rechif said: "You're either a 49ers fan, or a Raiders fan, so I would say the Raiders."

Banner Image: Matthew Roth / Flickr


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