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The Best Marijuana Moments On 'Suits'

The sixth season of the hit USA Network series Suits (2011-present) premiered last night with a bang by staging an after-hours smoking session at the office of Pearson Specter Litt. In order to help partners Louis and Harvey bury the hatchet, Jessica - the firm's cofounder - suggests that they stock the peace pipe with marijuana.

"No way - I'm not doing the Mary Jane. I'm not huffing and puffing," pleaded Louis. But when Louis throws his back out trying to prevent the urn containing his secretary's remains from being used as an ashtray during the session, he reluctantly gives in - and is glad about soon after.

"Holy shit, this is the best thing ever!" Louis says. "I love the both of you so much."

Last night's premiere wasn't the first time cannabis has appeared on set. Here's a look back at some of the best marijuana moments from the show's run thus far.

1. Pilot

The show's premise all began with a sting involving Mike getting set up to take the fall for delivering a suitcase filled with marijuana. While running from undercover agents, he stumbles into a job interview with Harvey Specter and winds up walking away from the bust with a whole new career.

Here's a teaser if you can't seen the full episode.

2. Specter Sparks a Spliff

Harvey Specter threw fans for a loop in the season 2 episode High Noon when he showed up unannounced at Mike's apartment and found his young associate was stoned. But instead of nagging his protege about being high in his off hours, Harvey snagged a joint off the coffee table for himself.

"Yeah, help yourself," Mike said with confusion as hardass Harvey lit up.

3. Cottonmouf

Shortly after sparking up at Mike's apartment, Harvey again dumbfounded Mike by eating an entire bag of pretzels without his mouth drying up like beef jerky.

"Harvey Specter doesn't get cotton mouf," his boss said proudly before getting razzed by Mike.

4. House Cleaning

Just a few episodes after getting high with Harvey, Mike finally decided to ditch his stash in the episode Blood in the Water. So like any sane person would do, he hoovered every roach, joint, bud and baggie.

5. POTUS on Pot

Sadly, one of the best cannabis moments on "Suits" never made it on air. In a bonus scene, Harvey and Jessica unwind at the office while daydreaming about what would be like if Jessica were president and Harvey were her chief of staff.

"You know what a good chief of staff never does? Bogart the joint," Jessica says as she eyes Harvey taking too many puffs between passes.

Banner image: Rick Hoffman plays Louis Litt in Suits. Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter. (


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