Hot Boxes: Subscription Packs Take Cannabis World By Storm

Subscription boxes are the hot thing in retail du moment - and cannabis firms are jumping on the trend with boxes assembling a mind-boggling array of edibles, glassware, and other 420-related items.

But not all Monthly Boxes Of Stuff are created equal: here's our run-down of what you get from a few of the wannabe-" Birchboxes of cannabis."

The Guild

The nonprofit California-only collective ships you a heady assortment of craft cannabis in your choice of pre-rolled joints, hash, medicated salves, canna-pills, or baked treats. All the packages come in five sizes. Prices range from $125-$1,000 depending on the box.


This beautifully-marketed premium cannabis subscription service delivers a quarter-ounce each of two different strains - you specify either indica or sativa, and the farmers do the rest. Only available in the San Francisco Bay Area (and with branding this hip, it figures.)


Billed as "Mary Jane's little sister," this cannabis-sourced pain- and anxiety-supplement won't actually get you high. The creators describe it as "from Native American lands, sourced by our in-house medicine woman, Marza." If you want the really good stuff, they can do that, too - but you have to have a valid medical marijuana card. Get a teaser box by donating to their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.


With the so-called "Exclusive Mystery 420 Box," you'll have to sprinkle on your own fun - they don't actually ship cannabis. What they do offer is between six and nine hand-picked accessories and novelties, including rolling papers, t-shirts, books, and accessories.


Like Shine papers? Chameleon Glass? The cool thing about Stashbox is that it allows you to tailor what comes in your subscription based on products you already like. Follow Stashbox on Instagram to see the full range of goodies.


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