Sublime With Rome's Frontman Shows Us His Favorite Tattoos

Singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez began playing with original Sublime band members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, under the name Sublime With Rome. Ramirez was always a fan of Sublime, which he says was the first band he ever loved, so much that their songs inspired him to first play music. Once he heard Sublime's unique sound, which combines all the elements of music that he personally likes, Ramirez wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Now, Ramirez is touring with the band and inking all his memories, because everywhere they go they bring a tattoo artist with them. After they record an album or tour, the whole crew may pen tattoos to remember their time together, so Ramirez isn't the only person with a Ren and Stimpy tattoo on his arm. If you ever want to know what type of person Rome Ramirez is, just look at all his tattoos, because he has two sleeves of them. 


I've been covering cannabis for nearly five years, and by now I'm all too accustomed to the impersonal cannabis conference at a stuffy, generic hotel or expo hall, brimming with white guys in suits, and generally lacking in the spirit of well, cannabis. (The woes of legalization, I suppose.) So it was a breath of fresh air when I walked into what felt like a giant atrium in downtown LA for a new kind of cannabis conference. Located in what's called the Valentine Grass Room in an industrial area past the hustle and bustle of the DTLA skyscrapers, Microscopes & Machines (M&M) boasted a diverse array of speakers, from doctors and lawyers to chemists and cultivators on the frontlines of the cannabis industry.

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