Here Are the Stupidest Things People Bought on Amazon While Drunk

Everyone's been in a situation where they may have had one or two drinks more than they should've. And sometimes when that happens, they make bad decisions. And apparently a lot of those bad decisions happen on

Archstone Recovery recently conducted a study on people who made drunk purchases on Amazon. They asked over 1,000 people who bought something while drunk on the website to talk about their experiences.

57 percent of people said they had returned a product that they bought while drunk. Cellphones and their accessories ranked number one for complaints, as 67 percent said they were upset they bought one off of Amazon while drunk. 30 percent said they were upset with a book they bought while drunk, while 30 percent said they were unhappy with a household or kitchen appliance they purchased while inebriated.

But that's just some of the normal items drunk people bought on Amazon. What were the weirdest items they purchased? Well according to the survey, the weirdest items purchased while drunk on Amazon included breast enhancement pills (hopefully that was for a woman), a coffee enema, a drum of lube and a gorilla grow tent, which is a tent you grow plants in and not a tent where you somehow grow your own gorilla.

Of course, not all the purchases were bad. 100 percent of people who bought a musical instrument while drunk said they were happy with it, and 93 percent said the same for pet supplies. Ironically enough, 80 percent also said they were happy they purchased an Amazon device while drunk shopping on Amazon.

But it's probably best to lock up your laptop before you go drinking next time.

(h/t Archstone Recovery)


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