10 Stupidest Tweets About Marijuana by Political Figures

Twitter is mostly a platform for people to share their stupid opinions. And while most of us sharing our idiotic thoughts don't matter much, people involved with politics can influence voters and other important aspects of society with their dumb ideas. One dumb thing they've affected is marijuana legalization.

Here are the 10 stupidest tweets about marijuana by political figures. Warning, there's a lot of Ann Coulter because she says a lot of stupid stuff.

1. The Scientific Measurement of 'Being a Loser'

2. Proudly Recommending Cancer Causing Cigarettes Over Marijuana

3. True, As Long as You Ignore All the Scientific Evidence...

4. Ever Heard of Possession?

5. Uh...What?

6. Republicans are Such Good Comedians

7. Did Terrorists Start Marijuana Legalization or Just Democrats?

8. Republicans Love Citing Obscure Medical Studies

9. This One Doesn't Even Really Make Sense

10. And Then Just Offensive


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