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Revolutionary Study to Examine Effects of Dabbing on Driving Ability

We know that driving after consuming marijuana is a bad and dangerous idea. But what we don't know is how much cannabis actually impairs a person's ability to operate a car. Well a new study is looking to change that.

Researchers at Colorado State University recently received funding for a study into how dabbing affects a person's ability to drive. Dabbing is when a person vapes cannabis concentrates, and it's known to get people high very quickly. Because the process happens so quickly, it will allow researchers to test motor ability, balance and reaction time right as a person is at their highest point.

Don't think you can volunteer for the study to receive some free product. CSU researchers are asking people who already dab to get in touch with them. Then, when they're getting ready to start dabbing, the scientists will conduct various tests before and after to see how much a person's abilities change.

One test will measure how quickly a person can move their legs, to simulate a driver moving from the gas to brake pedal in the car. They'll also look at peak acceleration and reaction time, which they say will determine how quickly they'd be able to turn a steering wheel.

By conducting these experiments, the researchers hope to get a better understanding on how marijuana use affects driving abilities, and hopefully will be used to help guide people to not drive after consumption.

(h/t Coloradoan)


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