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Students In New Mexico Are Allowed To Nap Between Classes In Sleeping Pods

Have you ever found yourself mired in a mid-workday slump that even coffee can’t fix?

A handful of high schools in New Mexico think they may have a solution: nap breaks.

Several schools in Las Cruces have installed sleeping pods, where students can escape for 20-minute naps between classes.

The initiative is meant to help sleep-deprived students. Research that claims only a third of teens get eight hours of sleep a night, despite recommendations from the National Institutes of Health that people get 9-10 hours. The sleeping pods, which were paid for through state mental health grants, are meant to act as a reset button for sleepy and stressed out students between classes.

"Why are they not in science or math class? Well, they could be," said New Mexico State University sleep researcher Dr. Linda Summers. "But they wouldn't be listening, they wouldn't be paying attention, and so this way we can get them to go back to class and focus."

A student named Selena Graham is quoted in an NBC News story saying that whenever she has a big assignment or a looming deadline at school, she has trouble sleeping. The napping pods at her school have made all the difference.

“I was more settled my mind had cleared a bit so I was able to get through," she said.

Now just imagine the effect such an initiative could have on those progress reports you’ve been putting off (feel free to use this argument in your plea to your boss.)

h/t NBC News


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