A Florida Strip Club Owner Is Fighting the State's Restrictive Marijuana Rules

They say heroes come in many different forms, and it turns out in Florida heroes may come in the shape of strip club owners.

Joe Redner is a strip club owner in the Tampa area of Florida. Redner has begun waging war against Florida's restrictive marijuana laws. It began last month when he successfully won his lawsuit to grow his own medical marijuana, which many believe will lead to others in the state doing the same. And now he's working on a new lawsuit challenging the state's restrictive licensing program.

Redner and his attorneys allege that the state of Florida has prevented many of the state's medical marijuana patients from gaining access to cannabis thanks to licensing only to a handful of politically connected businesses. The state gave contracts to businesses who spent money lobbying the state on the issue instead of providing contracts to more qualified companies. As a result, many licensed dispensaries regularly run low on products that many patients need.

Redner was already a legend in the Tampa area. His strip club, Mons Venus, supposedly created the nude lap dance. And he's spent decades in court fighting the city over regulations related to his business. He also nearly won a race for city council and helped start one of the state's premier craft breweries with his son.

But now the 77-year-old Redner could make some major history if he's able to get the courts to overturn Florida's restrictive marijuana laws.

He may not be the hero we deserve, but he's the one we need.

(h/t Miami New Times)


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