This Study Determined the Streaming Service Most Worth Your Money

Today there are basically a million websites out there streaming movies and television shows, so it can be almost impossible to figure out which one is the best. But a new study attempted to solve this problem.

The company ReelGood examined the five biggest streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime) to determine which one gives customers the best value. 

cost of streaming services

As you can see, Amazon Prime is the cheapest of the five while HBO is the most expensive. So Amazon's the best value, right? Well, you also have to consider what each streaming service offers as well. So they looked at what each streaming service offers to its customers. 

First, here is the number of movies each service offers:

available movies

And here is the number of TV Shows offered:

available TV shows

As you can see, Amazon Prime blows away the competition in terms of movies. Meanwhile Hulu is winning the total TV shows available. HBO and Showtime are bringing up the rear in both categories.

But just because Amazon and Hulu have a lot of movies and TV shows doesn't necessarily mean they're better. They might just have a ton of garbage content that no one wants to watch. So ReelGood looked at how many quality programs each streaming service had to offer.

First, here's how many quality movies, defined as a movie with a 7.5 or higher out of 10 on IMDB, each service offers:

quality movies

And here's how many quality TV shows they have:

quality tv shows

They also looked at high quality TV shows and movies, defined as movies or shows with a 8.5 or higher out of 10 on IMDB, and while the high quality movies graph looked mostly the same, the high quality shows was a little different:

high quality tv shows

After looking at all this data, ReelGood determined that if you're interested in quality programming, then Netflix and Hulu are the way to go. But if you're someone who's simply interested in quantity and having the most options available to you as possible, then you should definitely sign up for Amazon Prime.

Of course, you can't watch Game of Thrones without HBO, so we have to get that as well. And Showtime has some good shows too, so we have to get that. 

So we're just going to have to continue subscribing to all of them anyways.

(h/t ReelGood)


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