The modern aficionado scoffs at the idea that consuming cannabis means laying on the couch with an array of snacks and Netflix series. Armed with a little knowledge, it's possible to choose a strain that not only doesn't impair your motivation, but actually takes it to blissful, focused new heights.

Whether you're looking to tackle some housecleaning, or get busy in the bedroom, here are four strains guaranteed to perk users up.

1. Permafrost

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A sativa-dominant hybrid gets its names from the delicate, frosty coat of crystal trichomes and fresh pine aroma: offers a balance of relaxing mind/body effects - in larger doses, it amps up the user's attention to sensory detail while simultaneously engendering a full-body calm. Permafrost is so effective in giving users laser focus that Leafly suggests giving it a try to treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD and anxiety.

2. Bio-Diesel

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The acute, speedy sativa onset of this hybrid gives way to a chased with a long, slow burn of relaxation: Bio-Diesel's exceptionally energizing- yet-chill properties earned the hybrid first place at 2009's 2nd Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup.

3. Green Crack

The hardcore name is misleading: Green Crack, or Green Cush (with a 'C') as some prefer to call it, isn't laced with anything. Rather, it's so named for the remarkable energy spike and enduring focus it provides. With a fruity flavour featuring notes of mango, it's tasty daytime medication for users who need a significant, lasting boost. For the who don't want to feel that wired, there's the 75 percent indica variety.

4. Santa Maria

This sativa-dominant blend originates from the herb used for generations in Amazonian spiritual rituals: uplifting effects and a fruity, flowery flavour are accompanied by a long-lasting, steady hum of energy. Bonus: this strain is also lauded for its arousing effects in the bedroom - so get ready to stay up extra-late.