Seth Rogen Says Legalization Won't Kill Stoner Comedy

From Cheech and Chong to Harold and Kumar, every generation has its iconic stoner comedy. But could cinema's cannabis subculture come to an end if America legalizes marijuana? Seth Rogen doesn't think so.

The outspoken marijuana enthusiast sat down with Ned Ehrbar of CBS News to promote his new film, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, which opens this Friday (May 20). During the interview, he was asked if movies like the "Neighbors" franchise could survive legalization.

"It's a very good question," Rogen said. "We haven't found any real difference in the way people react to it on screen. We made This is the End years after Pineapple Express, and there's a shot in 'This is the End' that's just a bunch of weed on a table, and people literally cheered in the theater when it came on the screen."

The Canadian actor noted that marijuana has been good fodder for comedies because it's a taboo subject. But he thinks that the plant's growing popularity means that moviegoers will still get laughs from seeing it on the big screen.

"I think right now, if anything, probably more people are trying it than ever have because it's becoming a little more socially accepted than it was. And I'm sure there are people who kind of thought, 'As things ease up, I'll try it,' you know? So I's actually more popular than it's ever been. It's probably less taboo than it's ever been in some ways, but I think its popularity outweighs it's taboo-ness."

And it certainly won't disappear from his offscreen habits. Earlier this month, Rose Byrne - who plays Rogen's wife in "Neighbors 2" - stopped by The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon that Zac Efron killed time between takes by doing pushups while Rogen...well, you know.

Here's the full clip.

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