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Watch: Seth Rogen And Stephen Colbert Invite Donald Trump Jr. To A Smoke Sesh

Stephen Colbert is trying to arrange a smoking sesh with Donald Trump Jr. and Seth Rogen so the three of them can brainstorm ways to talk Donald Sr. into resigning from the White House. The proposed 'cannabis summit' is the latest development in Rogen's ongoing missed connection with Trump's eldest son on Twitter.

The situation began weeks ago when Rogen discovered that Donald Jr. followed him on Twitter - meaning he had the power to send direct messages to a member of the First Family. So Rogen wasted no time in sending a DM asking the president's son to talk his dad into resigning since his presidency is poisoning the environment, the American people's belief in democracy and their faith in the media.

But for some reason, he never got a reply.

"I thought I was pretty polite and measured," Rogen told Colbert yesterday on The Late Show. "But nothing. No response whatsoever." 

So Colbert decided to extend the olive branch - or in this case, the olive joint to Donald Jr. Turns out, Trump's son also follows Stephen, so he sent a DM inviting the three to get together for a joint.

"Sup?" Colbert wrote. "Hanging out with @sethrogen. Why don't you return his DMs? How about we all chill together and burn one? Don't tell @heyjamesfranco."

And to prove it wasn't bullshit, he later tweeted out a screen cap of the DM.

So what should would you call the the political sesh if Donald Jr. accepts the invitation? Maybe Blunt Talk with Trump Jr.? Getting Dank with Donald? Bongwatergate? Watch the clip and let us know.


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