Stephen Colbert Rips Jeff Sessions: 'He Still Doesn't Know That White People Smoke Pot Too'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent shockwaves across America yesterday when he began a crackdown on states that have legalized recreational marijuana, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans support legalization and many high-profile lawmakers have endorsed marijuana reform. So why is Sessions still anti-pot? Because he's still pro-racism, according to Stephen Colbert.

"This new directive can mean only one thing: he still doesn't know that white people smoke pot too," Colbert quipped last night on 'The Late Show.' "'We can't expose our delicate young ladies to the jazzman's reefer stick!'" he added, impersonating Sessions.

Colbert followed that up by calling out Sessions, who usually supports states' rights, for interfering with jurisdictions that have repealed pot prohibition.

"Come on, Jeff. You're the states rights guy. Would it help you if they smoked the weed out of a rolled up Confederate Flag?"

Check out the rest of his take down in this clip.


Every parent talks to their kids differently when it comes to the conversation around cannabis. While some parents will explicitly tell their kids to wait until they're old enough to consume (if ever, at all), others leave the conversation open, assuming their children will learn about weed elsewhere. But the bottom line is that, especially in a legal atmosphere, no matter what the approach, your kids are bound to learn about cannabis one way or another.

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