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Stephen Colbert's Best Marijuana Moments

You would never have expected Stephen Colbert - who turns 52 today - to talk seriously about marijuana while he played a caricature of right-wing pundits on The Colbert Report (2005-2015). But since taking over The Late Show from David Letterman, the comedian has offered a few amusing as well as thought-provoking takes on cannabis. Here are his best marijuana moments to date.

1. Marijuana sparked Colbert's comedy career

Earlier this month, Colbert opened up about his own marijuana use - sorta. He didn't say the word, but he admitted that he has tried something "that is now legal in Colorado." And his first experience was memorable because he and his friend had to improvise because they didn't have any rolling papers. "So we used the comics page from the Sunday paper," Colbert admitted. "Which I think might be why I'm a comedian now."

Check out the full clip with Stephen lamenting his nerdy high school days.

2. Defending the church of cannabis

When the First Church of Cannabis opened in Indianapolis during the summer of 2015, a lot of people mocked the attempt to mix marijuana with religion. But Colbert defended it by digging up the biblical roots of the church, which he told his audience was "named, of course, after the thirteenth apostle Saint Cannabis, who fell asleep on the couch and missed the Last Supper."

3. Branding advice for Bernie Sanders

When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders revealed that he had smoked marijuana twice in his life, Colbert came down hard on the democratic presidential candidate - not because twice was too much. Colbert argued it wasn't enough. "I don't think this admission is on brand for Bernie. Senator, you do know who your supporters are. I'll tell you this much: they have smoked marijuana twice - since I started this sentence."

Colbert also sampled The Bern's reggae cover of "This Land Is Your Land." (Yes, that exists).

4. Exposing political hypocrisy

Sanders isn't the only 2016 presidential candidate that Colbert has taken jabs at. In November 2015, he grilled former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on his opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana use. When the Ohio governor tried to evade the issue by talking about heroin addiction, Colbert cornered Kasich into admitting that he had smoked marijuana in his youth. "I went to school in the seventies, okay?" was Kasich's best defense.

5. Rand Paul tried to sell marijuana to Colbert?

"You aren't going to talk about pot are you?" Kentucky Senator and former presidential candidate Rand Paul said during a January 2016 interview in which Colbert was asking him if he shared any political beliefs with Bernie Sanders.

"You tried to sell me pot backstage," Colbert answered. Check out the awkward standoff between the comedian and politician in the full clip.


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