Colbert Calls Out 'His Guy,' CBS Boss Les Moonves, On Sexual Harassment Claims

Comedian Stephen Colbert is no stranger to courting controversy, taking powerful figures to task nearly every night in his monologue. Monday night, however, the ‘Late Show’ host did something few powerful men in Hollywood are willing to do — he bit the hand that fed him.

"Everybody believes in accountability until it is their guy, and make no mistake, Les Moonves is my guy," he told the audience from behind his desk. He went on to add that the CBS boss had hired him and continued to support him, even through the show’s shaky early period.  

Moonves was called out recently in a bombshell 'New Yorker' piece by Ronan Farrow detailing a decades-long history of sexual harassment on behalf of the executive. Since the article, Moonves has faced a great deal of criticism, but also an outpouring of support from television personalities, such as Sharon Osbourne and Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

Colbert, however, expressed the belief that you cannot effectively support the movement if you only stand behind accusers when it suits you.

“Accountability is meaningless,” said Colbert, “unless it’s for everybody.”

Colbert’s decision to call out his boss was a potentially risky move, but the star has been lauded for his effort to move the conversation forward.

Watch the clip below:



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