Stephen Colbert Insults Trump And Regrets Nothing

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” just scored its best ratings since the show’s premiere in 2015, and it has Donald Trump to thank. After Trump insulted Colbert’s friend, “Face the Nation’s” John Dickerson, by calling the show “Deface the Nation”, Colbert responded by saying, “When you insult one member of the CBS family, you insult us all. BAZINGA!” He then proceeded to insult the president, which some deemed as homophobic, even suggesting CBS fire Colbert with the trending hashtag “#FireColbert”. This backlash only helped him however, scoring a 2.5 rating and saying, ““Welcome to ‘The Late Show,’ I’m your host Stephen Colbert… Still? Am I still the host? I’m still the host!”


You’ll often see people advocating for marijuana research, and you may wonder why the heck we’re still doing that. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and we surely must know all of its effects, right? Well, not quite.