Stephen Colbert Discusses His Cannabis Use In Mock Job Interview

Stephen Colbert often jokes about being a nerdy pothead back in his youth, and he's freakishly good at imitating the sound of a bong in action, but does he actually smoke marijuana? Yes, but not recently according to a mock interview aired earlier this week on 'The Late Show.'

To reveal the many troubling job vacancies in the federal government, Colbert sat down with Max Stier - President and CEO of Partnership for Public Service - to discuss the hoops you have to jump through to get these jobs, including a pointed cannabis question during job interviews.

"Have you smoked marijuana and when?" Stier asked in a mock interview with Colbert.

"I have not smoked marijuana in the last seven years," Colbert said coyly. "I have not smoked it."

"Yes, I heard the emphasis," an annoyed Stier said. But he should really thank Colbert for pointing out that the feds need to update their question to include edibles, topicals, tinctures and more.

Ultimately, Colbert's application was unsuccessful because he had an extra-martial affair with a cinnamon bun, and he once beat a sea turtle to death while he was high. Check out the whole interview in the clip above.


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