STEEM Peanut Butter Contains More Caffeine Than A Cup Of Coffee

If you're the kind of person who is hard-pressed to both eat your breakfast and have a coffee on the way out the door, there is a new solution on the market:

STEEM is caffeinated Peanut Butter. The website claims the product is made with natural peanut butter and contains no artificial sweeteners. It can be consumed just like you would any other peanut butter, so a breakfast of coffee and toast with caffeinated peanut butter is not only possible, but could be a fantastic time saver over trying to quickly drink many cups of hot coffee while scarfing back your toast.

And, as the website points out, another way to consume the caffeinated product is to jam a spoon or a finger into the bottle directly and then swallow it down directly, as God intended.

Youtube reviewers, like the Techcrunch reviewer below, suggests it tastes like normal peanut butter, is maybe a bit dry, and some reviewers find it expensive.

A single serving of the peanut butter will deliver about 50 percent more caffeine to your system than an average 8 ounce cup of joe, and an entire bottle of the new PB contains 1200mg of caffeine, or about the equivalent of drinking three quarters of a gallon of coffee.

It looks like the product is mostly available in stores in New England, but there are a few retailers in other states and you can buy it directly online as well.

h/t Techcrunch.


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