Ditch Plastic Baggies For These 5 Stealth Ways To Conceal Your Stash

When it comes to cannabis storage, the folks at Ziploc have long had the game sealed. And heck, why shouldn't they? Baggies are cheap, widely available, and serve the purpose fairly well. But frankly, in 2016, we can do better. Both aesthetically (sad, crumpled plastic isn't a good look for anyone) and in terms of discretion (an area in which transparent, not-smell-proof plastic bags are obviously lacking.)

Enter these five clutches, wallets, and purses designed specifically with your stash in mind.

1. AnnaBis

From phone to cash to diaries and covert smokes, a lady's handbag contains her whole life - even the parts she'd rather keep private. Finally, designers Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch have created a line of clutches that takes this into account, and also look fantastic (Moss and Shuch aren't just high-functioning stoners: the designers also sketch for Isaac Mizrahi, Coach and Federated.) Two secret compartments allow you to hide either stinky French cheese, or your medical/recreational supply of exotic herbs - whatever you're into. Your secret's safe. Starts at $175 from AnnaBis.

2. Sassy Stash

Yowza. Imagine an undergarment that a) not only looks sexy as hell, but b) lets you stash a slim case with a couple of PRJs, rolling papers, phone, and assorted other goodies. Silicone grippers make this little number stay put, keeping hands free to hike up your skirt and access the secret compartment. Given the attractive stretch-lace design, we doubt you're going to hear too many complaints about that. Starts at $34.95 from Sassy Stash.

3. Hide and Seek Wallet

Made by Bellroy, this hidden-compartment leather wallet looks 100% professional: four quick-access card slots, protected section for more valuables, two different sizes (4.5 x 3.3 inches for US currency, plus a larger 4.5 x 3.7-inch version). You'd never know it had an additional, stash-purse compartment unless you basically tried to rip the thing apart - or just check out the secret pocket action in the video below. Starts at $94.95 from Bellroy: comes with 3-year warranty.

4. Stealth Backpack

For those sufficiently, um, serious about cannabis appreciation to necessitate discretely carrying backpack-worthy amounts, this is a probably the best bet. The main compartment has a refreshable "ACF"-Activated Carbon Fibre liner and Seal-Tite zipper closure designed to minimize unwanted odors: in other words, it's also a way to transport your stinky gym clothes on the subway without embarrassment. Both the outer shell and the zipper are water resistant: two unlined front pockets provide additional space for extras. $69.99 from Stealth Products.

5. Kavatza

You've outgrown your hippie phase but still enjoy the earthiness of upcycled, lovingly-designed leather. These pouches have two inner pockets to comfortably store your package of loose herb, filters, and lighter, a paper holder for standard-size papers, and two buttons to keep the flap closed. Looks ultra-chill: satisfies your inner organizational freak. Start at 27€ from Kavatza.


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