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Statistics Say We're in a ‘Sex Recession.’ Here's Why

We’re now living in a society that is more sex-positive, informed and tolerant than ever before. One would reasonably expect that we’d be having more sex than ever as well. Strangely, however, this seems not to be the case.

In a recent video from The Atlantic, writer Kate Julian outlines some of the reasons why people seem to be having less sex.

According to the clip, the number of high schoolers dating has been dipping significantly over the past few years. People have attempted to explain this phenomenon by claiming that people are simply spending less time with other people, as they are able to fulfill most of their social (and sexual) needs online. Additionally, it is noted that those that reported masturbating in a given week has doubled for men and tripled for women since the 1990s. 

Other theories presented in the video include the notion that rising social media use increases anxiety and depression, thereby inhibiting sex drive. It also suggests that it has made in-person social interaction far less acceptable.

The video also brings up a simpler explanation: maybe some people just don’t want to. It points out that women 30 percent of women reported pain during their last sexual encounter, which may contribute to their wanting to do it less. 

So, while people may be more knowledgeable about sex in the internet age, it has not led people to better understand intimacy. Consequently, this has shown that more frank, open discussion about sexuality does not necessarily mean more sex.  


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