Statistics Canada Finds That Many Canadians Are Driving High

According to a survey conducted by Statistics Canada, one in seven cannabis users in possession of a driver’s license said that they have gotten behind the wheel of a car while high.

They are not the only ones affected, however. The CBC reports that The StatsCan survey also found that about 1.4 million Canadians reported that they have been a passenger in a car driven by someone who had used cannabis less than two hours before taking the wheel.

While this fact might seem to be a cause for concern as cannabis moves towards its October 17 date for legalization, StatsCan also pointed out that 82 per cent, the vast majority of respondents, said they do not expect to increase their consumption of the drug once it becomes legalized.

The data, which was collected between mid-May and mid-June, is part of an ongoing effort on behalf of StatsCan to record cannabis usage among Canadians. Hopefully, legalization with help bring these issues to the forefront and we will see a more a more positive outcome reflected in next quarter’s numbers.


You’ll often see people advocating for marijuana research, and you may wonder why the heck we’re still doing that. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and we surely must know all of its effects, right? Well, not quite.