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10 States that Smoke the Least Marijuana

We've previously told you about the 10 states that smoke the most marijuana. Unsurprisingly, states with legalized cannabis finished near the top of the list. But most states in America do not have legal recreational marijuana. So the real question is, which states smoke the least marijuana?

The real estate blog Estately put together a list of the states based on how much marijuana they smoke. They based this off of how many people per capita said they used marijuana in the past month in a survey given out by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. So here are the 10 lamest states that smoke the least amount of marijuana:

10. Idaho: 13 Marijuana Users Per Capita

9. North Dakota: 11 Marijuana Users Per Capita

8. Mississippi: 10 Marijuana Users Per Capita

5 (tie). Alabama: 9 Marijuana Users Per Capita

5 (tie). Texas: 9 Marijuana Users Per Capita

5 (tie). Nebraska: 9 Marijuana Users Per Capita

4. Tennessee: 8 Marijuana Users Per Capita

3. Utah: 4 Marijuana Users Per Capita

2. Iowa: 3 Marijuana Users Per Capita

1. South Dakota: 0 Marijuana Users Per Capita

Now, just going to throw it out there, but how is it possible that 0 users per capita in South Dakota? Have you been to South Dakota? It's not exactly bustling with excitement. That seems like the type of place where people would be smoking marijuana all the time!

It should be noted that most of these states are "Red states" where you'd expect more conservative, traditional behavior. Although Iowa coming in at number two is a little surprising, considering the state is often seen as fairly progressive compared to other Midwest states. 

It might also be a little unusual to see Utah and Nebraska on this list, considering they both border Colorado. Besides living in Colorado, those would be two of the easiest states to acquire legal marijuana in. It's just a short drive away. But apparently they like to sticking to state laws.

And if you're wondering, yes, Colorado has the most marijuana users per capita.

(h/t Estately)


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