The States Ranked By How Much of Their Population Uses Medical Marijuana

There are currently 29 states in America that have legalized medical marijuana. But not all state's have the same cannabis laws. Some restrict marijuana use to only the most serious illnesses, while others have a much wider list of conditions that qualify.

We decided to examine the states that have legalized medical marijuana and see which ones have the highest percent of their population using medicinal cannabis. Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have all legalized medical marijuana, but they either haven't implemented the law or have just recently passed it, so we didn't include them in this list.

So of the 22 states remaining, here's where they rank, according to the Marijuana Policy Project:

22. Minnesota: 0.12%
Total population: 5,554,532
Medical marijuana patients: 6,384

21. New York: 0.13%
Total population: 19,889,657
Medical marijuana patients: 26,096

20. (tie) Alaska: 0.14%
Total population: 741,204
Medical marijuana patients: 1,042

20. (tie) New Jersey: 0.14%
Total population: 8,996,351
Medical marijuana patients: 12,514

18. New Hampshire: 0.16%
Total population: 1,335,832
Medical marijuana patients: 2,089

17. Illinois: 0.18%
Total population: 12,815,607
Medical marijuana patients: 23,300

16. Delaware: 0.32%
Total population: 965,866
Medical marijuana patients: 3,092

15. Washington: 0.33%
Total population: 7,384,721
Medical marijuana patients: 24,577

14. Massachusetts: 0.50%
Total population: 6,873,018
Medical marijuana patients: 34,189

13. Connecticut: 0.53%
Total population: 3,583,134
Medical marijuana patients: 19,082

12. Vermont: 0.71%
Total population: 624,592
Medical marijuana patients: 4,439

11. Nevada: 0.95%
Total population: 2,995,973
Medical marijuana patients: 28,308

10. Hawaii: 1.05%
Total population: 1,454,295
Medical marijuana patients: 15,334

9. Montana: 1.48%
Total population: 1,052,343
Medical marijuana patients: 15,563

8. Oregon: 1.49%
Total population: 4,144,527
Medical marijuana patients: 61,867

7. Colorado: 1.53%
Total population: 5,658,546
Medical marijuana patients: 86,821

6. Rhode Island: 1.71%
Total population: 1,059,080
Medical marijuana patients: 18,155

5. Arizona: 1.89%
Total population: 7,026,629
Medical marijuana patients: 132,487

4. New Mexico: 2.13%
Total population: 2,084,193
Medical marijuana patients: 44,403

3. Michigan: 2.20%
Total population: 9,935,116
Medical marijuana patients: 218,556

2. Maine: 3.31%
Total population: 1,327,472
Medical marijuana patients: 43,906

1. California: 3.83%
Total population: 39,849,872
Medical marijuana patients: 1,526,250

No surprise that California is number one. The state legalized medical marijuana two decades ago. But what the heck is going on in New York? The second largest state with legalized medical marijuana has less patients than Maine. And Illinois has barely more patients than Rhode Island.

If you add the number of medical marijuana patients in Illinois and New York, the second and third largest states with medical marijuana, it's less than the number of patients in Oregon and barely more than the number in New Mexico.

They have some incredibly severe restrictions on who qualifies for medical marijuana.


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