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All 50 States Ranked By How Happy They Are

When you think about the happiest states in America, what do you imagine? Do you think of the care-free surfer bros of California? The always down to party citizens of New Jersey? Or what about the Mormons of Utah, who are always the nicest, happiest people you can imagine?

Well if you were curious about this, the people at WalletHub are here for you! They conducted a study to rank all 50 states based on happiness. They used 28 different metrics to determine their Happiness Index, which ranged from depression rate to income growth to sleep rates.

Here are their rankings from least happy state to most happy.

50. West Virginia

49. Oklahoma

48. Louisiana

47. Alabama

46. Arkansas

45. Mississippi

44. Kentucky

43. Missouri

42. Tennessee

41. Alaska

40. New Mexico

39. Wyoming

38. South Carolina

37. Nevada

36. Ohio

35. Delaware

34. Indiana

33. Rhode Island

32. Oregon

31. Florida

30. Georgia

29. Michigan

28. Texas

27. Kansas

26. North Carolina

25. Maine

24. Pennsylvania

23. Montana

22. New York

21. Arizona

20. Illinois

19. Massachusetts

18. Connecticut

17. Idaho

16. Washington

15. Colorado

14. North Dakota

13. Vermont

12. Virginia

11. Maryland

10. New Hampshire

9. Wisconsin

8. Iowa

7. South Dakota

6. New Jersey

5. Nebraska

4. California

3. Hawaii

2. Utah

1. Minnesota

It's hard to believe the coldest state in America is also the happiest. This study must've been conducted during summer months. Also, I told you Mormons are happy people.

Some interesting notes in the study: Oregon has the highest share of adults with depression, while Hawaii has the least. However, Hawaii also has the worst adequate sleep rates in the country. The first three states with legalized recreational marijuana (Colorado, Oregon and Washington) are also the top three states in highest sports participation. Utah, Oregon and Rhode Island have the fewest work hours in the country, while Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota have the most.

Here is a look of WalletHub's findings in map form. You can click on each state to see where it is in the rankings.

Source: WalletHub

You can go to WalletHub for more information about the study.


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