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U.S. Governors Say They're Ignoring Jeff Sessions and Moving Forward with Marijuana Legalization

Over the weekend, governors from throughout the United States came to Washington D.C. to meet with President Donald Trump and other members of his administration. And while most were seeking guidance, there was one member of the cabinet that the governors were demanding answers from: Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

According to several governors, Sessions denied meeting in private with members of legalized states to discuss his recent decision to overturn protections for them. In fact, Sessions supposedly made almost no appearances during the governors' conference besides one briefing on the opioid crisis.

Several governors told Rolling Stone that Sessions' recent decision have no impact on their plans. Newly elected governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy says he's still pushing forward with plans to legalize cannabis recreationally, and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says he's still dedicated to working out a marijuana decriminalization bill in his state.

Several governors said that while they're still going forward, they're also keeping an eye on how the Department of Justice begins enforcing marijuana laws. A bill to expand Rhode Island's medical marijuana program have stalled over fears of a Sessions' crackdown, and Oklahoma's voting on creating a medical cannabis program this June. 

Of course, the most helpful thing Sessions could've done is answer the governors' questions about marijuana laws and explain how he's going to actually change the DOJ's policy towards the drug. But that would require Sessions to actually put some thought into his new policies.

(h/t Rolling Stone)


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