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This Map Shows Which U.S. States Drink the Most Beer

When you think of states that drink the most beer, you probably have a few that come to mind. (Wisconsin.) But do your expectations meet reality?

The website VinePair decided to look up the data to see which states consumed the most beer. First, here's a look at which states consumed the most total beer:

beer consumed total

As you can see from the map, the most populous states consumed the most beer. But that's not that surprising. What's more interesting is to look at the map of how beer each state drank per capita. Here's a look at that one:

beer consumed per capita

Don't worry, we have the top 10 most beers per capita right here:

1. New Hampshire

2. Montana

3. North Dakota

4. South Dakota

5. Wisconsin

6. Maine

7. Nebraska

8. Nevada

9. Vermont

10. Texas

Now, you might be surprised to see New Hampshire at the top of the list. But, it's actually not that surprising when you find out that New Hampshire doesn't tax alcohol. In fact, many people living in neighboring states make the drive into New Hampshire to purchase beer so they can pay cheaper prices.

Also, for shame, Wisconsin. You're entire state's reputation is built on beer and cheese. And you're only fifth in per capita beers consumed? 

(h/t VinePair)


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