President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrated the special relationship between America and Canada with good humor, cracking jokes throughout last night's State Dinner. Here are 11 moments that inspired politicians, celebrities, news agencies and ordinary people to take to Twitter.

1) Obama's toast unleashed a flurry of Canadianisms

"Tonight, we want our Canadians friends to feel at home," said Obama. "So this is not a dinner, it's supper. We thought of serving up some poutine. I was going to bring a two-four. And then we'd finish off the night with a double-double. But I had to draw the line at getting milk out of a bag - this, we Americans do not understand. We do, however, have a little Canadian whisky. That, we do understand."

2) Justin Bieber attended in spirit

Mike Myers, Ryan Reynolds, Lorne Michaels, Michael J. Fox and others Canadian celebs were in attendance. And Justin Bieber came up in one of Obama's jokes:

3) Trudeau also took a playful jab at The Biebs

4) Alleged Canadian Ted Cruz was the butt of another joke

"Where else could a boy born in Calgary run for president of the United States?" quipped Obama in reference to Cruz's confusing background.

5) The Canadian PM made light of Obama's grays

6) Obama's grey hairs weren't the only ones that caught peoples' attention

Mike Myers' snowy locks made Twitter freak out.

7) Obama mentioned the upcoming exodus to Cape Breton

If Trump becomes president, that is.

8) There was a lot of chatter about the "Trubama" bromance

9) But others were fawning over 'Rystin Trudeynolds'

10) The ministers who accompanied Trudeau also cut loose

Flexing Canada's diplomatic muscle in this pic are the ministers of Canadian Heritage, Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and Environment and Climate Change.

11) But the funniest roast came before dinner began

h/t Toronto Sun, CNN