Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off

On May 20th, GRASSFED and The Art of Edibles hosted “Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off”, a whimsical night of enhanced senses, humor, and seduction. Throughout the evening, guests were invited and welcome to enjoy some favorite, high quality cannabis products from their sponsors Flow Kana, 710 Speakeasy, VapeXhale & Firefly, To Whom It May, Mondo, and Moonman’s Mistress. Then, once guests once the guests moods became "enhanced" via the free samples, hosts Kerryn Feehan and Jillaine Gill introduced a great lineup of burlesque dancers and comedians, including the Lucas Brothers. Together, GRASSFED and The Art of Edibles hosted an event that shared their mission to de-stigmatize cannabis via clean consumption with like-minded individuals.


In the age of the internet, any schmo off the street could probably name you every superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every old lady and her dog can provide their hot take on the ongoing Kirk v. Picard debate.