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St. Louis Will Stop Prosecuting Low-Level Marijuana Crimes

While some states may continue dragging their feet in legalizing marijuana, cities are stepping up to ensure that cannabis users aren't treated unfairly anymore.

St. Louis prosecutors announced they will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana crimes. Prosecutors will examine the over 1,200 currently pending cases involving marijuana possession of less than 100 grams and will dismiss all of them except for ones where other crimes were also committed. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner noted that 20 percent of her office's prosecutions involve marijuana, while the city currently boasts one of the highest murder rates in the country. Gardner said the new decision will free up resources for more important cases.

The St. Louis announcement follows a similar one made by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who announced he would no longer prosecute cases involving people smoking marijuana. Vance's decision is expected to drop the number of marijuana prosecutions in Manhattan from 5,000 down to 200.

Several cities, including St. Louis, have decriminalized marijuana possession and often punish people caught with cannabis with only minor fines. But still major cities often find themselves with backlogs filled with minor marijuana crimes in the courts.

It's too bad the federal government doesn't seen how tedious our nation's drug laws are for law enforcement.

(h/t ABC News)


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