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10 Best Spring Break Locations for Marijuana Enthusiasts

It’s the beginning of February, so most people are still dealing with the cold winter months, But it’s also the time to begin thinking about where you want to spend your vacation when spring arrives. But if you want to also enjoy marijuana on your trip, there are not necessarily as many places you can enjoy.

Here are the 10 best Spring Break destinations for marijuana enthusiasts:

10. Juneau, Alaska

Sure, most people equate Spring Break with going to the beach. But if you’re not someone who wants to get sunburnt all day, a trip to Juneau, Alaska may be a great alternative. They also have special Juneau Cannabis Tours so visitors can get a feel for what the industry is like in Alaska.

9. Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for a more relaxed time, then Denver may be a great Spring Break locale. there’s plenty of great places to stay, but the Bud and Breakfast lodge is an all inclusive lodge perfect for cannabis users.

8. Uruguay

Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize marijuana last July. Why not celebrate that accomplishment with a trip down there this spring? Now technically, only citizens of Uruguay are allowed to purchase marijuana, but locals tend to be willing to bend the rules a little bit in that regard.

7. Pacific Northwest

There may be beaches in Oregon and Washington, but it’s not necessarily warm enough to enjoy. But you can definitely enjoy some awesome outdoor hikes, and there’s also 100 percent legal marijuana as well!

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s actually had decriminalized marijuana since 2001. But it’s had beautiful beaches for millennia! Definitely an underrated European destination, and you won’t have to worry about getting into too much trouble for blazing up.

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Can Amsterdam really be considered the capital of marijuana nowadays? While many other large cities have legalized the drug, Amsterdam is still an excellent destination for stoners willing to drop some cash.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Everyone thinks Amsterdam is the place to go in Europe for stoners. But actually, the Czech Republic  has the most liberal drug laws in the continent. Why not go a little off the beaten path and go there instead?

3. The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are already an underrated tourist destination in general. But they’ve also decriminalized marijuana, so it’s also a great place to get your smoke on without repercussions.

2. Las Vegas

Sin City is an excellent destination for Spring Break, assuming you’re ok throwing a way a lot of your hard-earned cash. And now that marijuana is legal there, you can enjoy that as well! But you may want to get an AirBnB and not a hotel room, because you’re only allowed to use cannabis inside a private residence.

1. Los Angeles

Now that marijuana is legal in California, why wouldn’t you go to Los Angeles for Spring Break? There’s literally endless amounts of beaches to enjoy, and you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the cops. Win-Win!


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