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10 'Spooky' Marijuana Strains to Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

It’s October, which means all the stores and houses in your area are setting up for everyone’s favorite holiday Halloween. And everyone knows the whole point of Halloween is to scare the crap out of everyone.

So to get into the Halloween spirit, here are 10 “spooky” marijuana strains:

1. Ghost Train Haze

Ghosts are a staple of Halloween, which means Ghost Train Haze has to be on your cannabis menu this month. It’s also a very potent strain that will make you feel like you’re traveling through the afterlife.

2. Killer Queen

Killer Queen is actually pretty much the opposite of a scary marijuana strain because it mostly puts users in a super good mood. But it has killer in the name, so it counts.

3. The Blood

The Blood may be the only actually spooky marijuana strain. It’s a rare strain that originated in Hawaii and it got its name from the red veins in its leaves and stems. It also supposedly creates a red sap that looks like dripping blood.

4. Jock Horror

We think Jock Horror is supposed to be a take on “Jack Herer,” a popular marijuana strain. But considering how poorly jocks tend to fair in horror movies, we think this one is more appropriate for Halloween.

5. Death by Cake OG

To be fair, on the list of ways to die, “death by cake” is probably one of the more preferable. And as a marijuana strain, it’s equally pleasant with a sweet and fruity taste that will remind you of, you guessed it, cake!

6. Jack the Ripper

Arguably the most famous serial killer of all time, Jack the Ripper is now a pretty popular marijuana strain as well. It has a lemon and pine aroma and taste to it, which has nothing to do with the actual Jack the Ripper but we don’t think you’ll complain.

7. Zombie Kush

This super potent strain will definitely make you feel like a member of the walking undead, which is probably a good thing for most people.

8. Frankenstein

Contrary to popular belief, Frankenstein was actually the name of the scientist who created the monster. But not contrary to popular belief is that the Frankenstein marijuana strain is really good!

9. Voodoo

While we recommend most people avoid voodoo curses as much as possible, we can’t recommend the Voodoo strain highly enough. It also has only a moderate THC content so it’s good for all users.

10. Black Widow

Whether it’s a poisonous spider or the name of a murderous woman, Black Widows strike fear in the hearts of many. But the marijuana strain is not nearly as fearsome.


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