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Here Is the Spookiest Ghost Story in All 50 States

It's October, which means everyone's getting into the Halloween spirit. And there's nothing better to prepare for All Hallow's Eve than some spooky ghost stories.

Mental Floss collected the scariest ghost story from all 50 states, so now you can compare and contrast whether your state is truly the most frightening.

Obviously telling 50 ghost stories would take quite a while, so instead we'll simply write down the title or main thrust of each state's spookiest ghost story, and you can head over to Mental Floss or do your own internet sleuthing to find out the full story.

Alabama – The Eliza Battle Steamboat

Alaska – Klondike Ike

Arizona – Hotel Monte Vista

Arkansas – John Chidester 

California – Cell 14D at Alcatraz

Colorado – Buffalo Rose Saloon

Connecticut – The Conjuring  (Yes, the story the movie is based on)

Delaware – Lorenzo Dow

Florida – Thomas Rowe and the Don CeSar Hotel

Georgia – Lake Lanier

Hawaii – Pele and Kamapua'a

Idaho – Raymond Allen Snowden and the Old Idaho Penitentiary

Illinois – Resurrection Mary

Indiana – The Big Tunnel

Iowa – Helen Esther Roberts and Coe College

Kansas – Hamburger Man

Kentucky – Octavia Hatcher

Louisiana – Cauchemar

Maine – Seguin Island Lighthouse

Maryland – Pocomoke Forest

Massachusetts – Minots Ledge

Michigan – The Melon Heads

Minnesota – Lucy and Palmer House Hotel

Mississippi – Glenwood Cemetery and the Chain Link Grave

Missouri – Overton and the Black Carriage

Montana – The Phantom Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake

Nebraska – Blackbird Hill and the Murderous Husband

Nevada – Timber Kate, Bella Rawhide and Tug Daniels

New Hampshire – Portsmouth Music Hall

New Jersey – Manuel and Harriet Rionda

New Mexico – Johnny and Celia

New York – Gulielma Sands and the Manhattan Well

North Carolina – Blackbeard and Ocracoke Island

North Dakota – Gray Lady of Sims

Ohio – Moonville Tunnel 

Oklahoma – Skirvin Hilton Hotel

Oregon – Kuhn Cinema

Pennsylvania – Devil's Den and the Battle of Gettysburg

Rhode Island – Exeter and Mercy Lena Brown

South Carolina – Lavinia Fisher and the Six Mile House

South Dakota – The Fairmont Hotel

Tennessee – Old Green Eyes

Texas – Elm Creek and Mule Attack

Utah – Jean Baptiste and the Great Salt Lake

Vermont – Boots Berry and the Green Mountain Inn

Virginia – The Wythe House

Washington – Kell's Pub

West Virginia – Tailypo

Wisconsin – Kate Blood

Wyoming – Sweetwater County Library 

There aren't many Casper the Friendly Ghosts in those stories.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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