Spider-Man Is A Wall-Crawling Jeff Sessions In New Game

The new 'Spider-Man' game is a landmark title for the PlayStation 4, and arguably one of the biggest blockbuster titles of the year.

It’s been making major waves recently, garnering praise for its impressive game mechanics and expansive open world across the online community (we were going to say 'the web,' but opted not to. You're welcome). Still, there are quite a few reviewers who’ve been taking issue with the game’s politics. 

One of the biggest complaints? Spidey’s a total narc.

Everybody wants to see our favorite web-slinger fight baddies and stand up for what’s right, but we doubt any fan was clamoring to see Peter Parker act like a wall-crawling Jeff Sessions. Along with beating up muggers or retrieving purses, the wall-crawler also puts the smack down on "criminals" engaging in small-scale drug transactions in the game. 

Meanwhile in real-life Manhattan, policy makers and law enforcers have been making moves to roll back certain prosecution policies. It is, of course, still illegal to sell cannabis or any other drug on the street, but lawmakers are slowly becoming more understanding of minor drug offenders and addicts - which means offering treatment programs and counselling instead of harsh punishments.

But, in the world of the game, Spider-Man's not interested in offering second chances. He'd rather swing in and beat the ever-loving shit out of you for selling dimebags on the street.



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