'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Looks Great - But Where's His Giant Robot?

The new trailer for "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is here. You know you're going to see it. 

The latest incarnation of the webslinging franchise features Tom Holland as Peter Parker - he made an appearance in "Captain America: Civil War" earlier this year. The movie doesn't hit theatres until next July; in the meantime, why not get familiar with one of the lesser-known incarnations of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? 

That's right - we're talking about the Japanese "Spider-Man" TV series, that ran between 1978 and 1979. It might have the greatest theme song of any Spider-Man ever. Trust us.

Yeah!! As you may have guessed, this Spider-Man is quite different. His name is Takuya Yamashiro and he's a motocross racer fighting against the evil forces of the Iron Cross Army. While the music makes it seem like a 70s cop drama with more spandex, it's really an example of the Japanese genre tokusatsu ("special filming"), which includes special effects like giant rubber suits à la Godzilla. So while he still has his Spidey-Sense, he also has a giant, Megazord-esque robot named Leopardon which he uses to beat up towering lizard people.

We could watch that costume transition all day. If anyone from Marvel is reading this - please: We must see this Spider-Man onscreen again. Even if it's just for a post-credits teaser.


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